Hi everyone.

Data Science is everywhere nowadays. From a small firm to the giant tech industry everyone are using data in one way or the other. Today we are going to see what is data science? Why is it important? What are the possibilities to join in the field of data science? Current trending in the field, etc.

Firstly, we look around “What is data science?”

When we wiki the term “data science” what we see is that it is an interdisciplinary field. It clearly means that it is not merely a single subject or field, but it includes more than one field in it. Here we cluster different fields like Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, etc.

So, to become a successful data scientist it is necessary to have knowledge on these fields and in the recent past it has become the buzzword in the industry around the world with the advancements in the technology. As we know that Artificial Intelligence is no new technology, because it has its footprints in the industry since 1956, but because of the lack of computation power, data, funding, and communication among the people of different fields, it was sidelined gradually.

Now in this 21st century where there is no problems with the power, funding, and the most important “data” which is available in tonnes, this field has taken-off in no time.

When we think for a second, all these autonomous robots, intelligent systems like Deep Blue, IBM Watson, etc happened just because of the data we feed to the model or a system, without which it can’t do any of the tasks a human does.

In addition to “data” the fields like Statistics, Mathematics, etc plays a crucial role in manipulating the data. Every system requires a well-organized data relating to the project it is working on. For example, when we are dealing with the field of Computer Vision the core data we require will be images, videos mostly and the textual data is less require, whereas this text content is must need for Natural Language Processing. In this way, different fields have different requirements. Therefore, data science covers each and every field and technology that is serving today.

When it comes to Job Opportunities, in 2012 Harvard named Data Science as the “sexiest job of the 21st century” and the Glassdoor named it the “Best job of the year” continuously from 2016 and the compliments continued. So, in the coming future the demand for the data scientists increases which is already taking shape in that way. There are very good opportunities to start in the field of Data Science provided that we have the required and sufficient skills and knowledge.

The average pay for a data scientist in India is around 6.5Lakh with the top being approximately 13Lakhs and when it comes to the world, in the USA it is $120K, and in Australia, it is $111K. So, in this way, the field of data science is making its mark in the industry day-by-day.

That’s it, we have finally come to the end of this short story on the “Importance of Data Science”. As you can see, there are great opportunities for anyone who choose Data Science as a career where it was acknowledged by world-renowned institutes like Harvard and the best job sites like Glassdoor and many more. Hope you enjoyed this story.