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By |2019-03-24T19:06:42+05:30March 24th, 2019|

A DATA SCIENTIST                                                                                                         [...]

Adidas Uses BlockChain to improve Business Processes!

By |2019-03-21T00:26:14+05:30March 21st, 2019|

Over the last fifty years, the fashion industry has been focusing on trends within its sector. There haven’t been many technological advancements in the field. As a result, the industry has not been able to understand what customers need entirely. Adidas is one of those companies that is opening up to new possibilities. SAP is [...]

Importance of Data Science

By |2019-03-21T00:19:29+05:30March 21st, 2019|

Hi everyone. Data Science is everywhere nowadays. From a small firm to the giant tech industry everyone are using data in one way or the other. Today we are going to see what is data science? Why is it important? What are the possibilities to join in the field of data science? Current trending in [...]

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