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TecGrove is a leading provider of HandsOn Learning Experience in DataScience, DataAnalytics, BlockChain, AI, Programming, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship for the Students. Founded in June 2018 by a group of friends who started by scribbling their ideas on a piece of paper, today we offer smart, innovative learning experience for the students. We as a team decided to get the students involved in these trending buzzwords which are going to rule the world in the coming years. We thought to put an end card to the old school conventional teaching scenario, wherein we here in TecGrove have a group of excellent young professionals who have more practical experience in these fields and can mentor you in all ways and give you a corporate level experience while you are learning. Surely you will find a job in the industry by any means but you should question yourself that will you sustain in the industry for a long time as your skills are not updated!

Data-Driven Analysis

Our course provides a good balance of less theory and more practical application of different techniques covered through sessions taken by our renowned faculty. It balances regular and online coursework amidst work schedules and enhanced by opportunities to engage with leading faculty and outstanding peers.

  • Industry-driven comprehensive curriculum.

  • Live interactions with Machine Learning experts and Corporate leaders.

  • Real-world Projects & Case Studies.

  • Career guidance and support.

  • Capstone ML & AI Project.


Do you provide Certificate?2019-03-21T00:40:30+05:30

No, IT Industry and Interviewers of the Companies today check for Projects you have done instead of Certificates. Its a myth that number of Certificates can get you a job. Today Certificate is just a paper. So here we focus on making you do project along with the faculty. Wherein you can write in your resume that you have done a project.

How about Cost??2019-03-21T00:39:45+05:30

We dedicate our course structure and innovative way of teaching with more concentration on students. So, We here have a very reasonable price.

What all Technologies you are teaching?2019-03-21T00:39:11+05:30

We at present focus on DataScience that includes Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, Hadoop, Natural Language Processing, Data Analytics, Macros, Tableau, BlockChain HandsOn. In future we are planning to help you out in Artificial Intelligence.

What is speciality of your programmes?2019-03-21T00:36:38+05:30

We here provide you the Industry level experience in our course programmes.This will help you in getting a job and since you acquired more practical experience you will easily adapt to the IT culture.

Meet Our Team

We are a team of young and innovative people who prefer quality over quantity. We conduct our workshops in a few of the most reputed institutions across the country.


“I have a Biology BackGround.Before this course I don’t know much about Statistics and Probability.But I would like to thank TecGrove Faculty who actually gave me the basics and foundation knowledge in DataScience.They helped me in predicting the disease using DataScience.Every silly doubt was clarified by the faculty.Thanks a lot”


“Such an Amazing course on DataScience where we got to learn more practically.As I am a Beginner every doubt was clarified by the faculty with patience.I am looking forward for more advance level courses”


”In my college I have learnt many subjects theoritically.But here after attending the course of DataScience,I came to know many stuff related to DataScience practically.I thank the instructors so much”


”I have found a very good platform. What I learned in the course was worth it. The teachers here helped me a lot. I know I am a difficulty student because I raise too many doubts. But they have cleared all my doubts. The instructors are really friendly”


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Enroll yourself in our workshops and make yourself ready for the ever-booming industry of DataScience, DataAnalytics, BlockChain, and AI.

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